Wednesday, January 11, 2012


la·mé  (l-m)
A brocaded fabric woven with metallic threads, often of gold or silver.
I'm always looking for mew wording for my items and here's a great one from a fabric store:
This shiny metallic Silver Lame is sure to add a touch of elegance wherever you use it. For a memorable look, try Silver Lame for evening gowns, prom dresses, and bridal party fashions. Lame can also be used effectively for costumes, decorations, and flags. This sparkly Silver Lame fabric coordinates beautifully with all shades of blue, including royal, turquoise, and aqua. It looks equally lovely with satin or velvet in dark hues such as purple and maroon. The shimmer of this Silver Lame is also stunning when paired with white or ivory satin. For drop-dead glamour, combine Silver and Black Lame.

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