Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adding a Review to Stumble!

Open the page you would like to Stumble.

Click on the “thumbs up” icon in your toolbar.
(If the thumb turns green, it means someone else has stumbled the item already. You will now need to click on the Info bubble in your toolbar and add your review from there.)

If the item is "safe for work" click "yes"

 Now it's time to add your Topic. DO NOT select e-commerce. If your topic does not appear in the list, select one from the drop down menu. 
I've selected "jewelry" as an example.

Now, to add Tags. You'll see that your Topic has also been added to Tags. That's usually fine. Make sure to separate all tags with commas. StumbleUpon allows you to add as many tags as you like, but actually uses the first five you provide.

Next, add your review. You can be as short or as long as you wish. When I'm reviewing my own items, I often use my first few sentences in the description because I write short and concise first sentences. When I am reviewing others, I often use just cut and paste the title, adding a few words at the beginning. "These are beautiful Black and Milk White Rhinestone Goldtone Earrings Weiss Vintage."

Finally, hit "Add review" and you are done.


  1. Thank you! I didn't have a clue as to what to do with this.

  2. I once took a course on how to write/record directions on "how to..." (amazing how steps can be left out).
    You would have gotten an "A" - good detail and screen shots.

  3. This is exactly what I am doing but sometimes comes up with no URL anyone know why?

  4. Thanks for the info... I'll be adding this to my daily regiment soon!!


  5. This is great! Thanks so much for the very helpful information!
    Kathy :)